Add points to list and find answers to points:


Points to address

  • Evironment requirements like temperature, humidity
    • during installation
    • during operation

  • Maintainance
    • How often the subdetector will be accessed, every downtime, never?
    • How you plan to replace parts.

  • Space
    • Storage
    • Mounting area
    • Electronics
    • Utilities (cooling machines...)

  • Resources
    • purifiers
    • cooler
    • supply lines
    • what else?

  • Cables: the area of cables leaving the detector is enough for the moment. So, how many squaremeters cable area you need.

  • Support
    • Weight of detector.
    • Support ideas.
    • Support points.
    • Veto areas, where other subsystems are forbidden to connect to.

  • Alignment

-- CarstenSchwarz - 29 Jun 2006
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