• Evironment requirements like temperature, humidity: We assume that the target hall is climatized to room temperature and humidity is controlled to prevent dew.
    • during installation: no special requirements
    • during operation: no special requirements
  • Maintainance
    • How often the subdetector will be accessed, every downtime, never? There are no regular disassembling procedures necessary, however in case of problems, eg. dead PMT on radiator end (TOP project option), a procedure is needed, see below.
    • How you plan to replace parts: After disconnecting obstacles like the target pipe and eventually water tank, the DIRC will be retracted backwards from the detector together with the subsystems inside the DIRC and dismantelled in the upstream region of the solenoid.

  • Space:
    • Storage: replacement parts need minor space, say 10-20 m2.
    • Mounting area:
    1. m2 labspace, time ???
    • Electronics: BaBar option need 7000 channels: customized ASIC solution like the GSI-Taquila project.
    • Utilities (cooling machines...): The BaBar option needs an H2O purifier system close to the water tank. 10-20 m2 ???

  • Resources
    • purifiers: Above mentioned H2O purifier.
    • cooler: None
    • supply lines: N2 for dustfree, dry operation (???)
    • what else?

  • Cables: the area of cables leaving the detector is enough for the moment. So, how many squaremeters cable area you need. BaBar option: PMT array is outside of solenoid. TOP option: 200 channels are about 800 mm2 which have to leave the solenoid. In case of the 3d DIRC the many pixels require sparsification scheme (Chip readout) and might have similar requirements.

  • Support
    • Weight of detector: Bars=200*180*3.5*1.7*cm3*2.2g/cm3=500kg, aluminium support=500kg, water tank=4000kg, SUM=5000kg
    • Support ideas: BaBar uses a gusset with should add additional 1000kg
    • Support points: The gusset.
    • Veto areas, where other subsystems are forbidden to connect to: Nothing special.

  • Alignment: Optical and mechanical.

-- CarstenSchwarz - 29 Jun 2006
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