Agenda of the 11th vrvs meeting

Collection of Information

  • Status of the detector systems - Separation power
    • TPC, Quirin Weitzel
    • ToF, Aida Galoyan
    • Barrel DIRC, Carsten Schwarz
    • EMC, Bertram Kopf, Rainer Novotny
    • Muon Detectors, Maria Pia Bussa, Marco Maggiora
    • Focussing Disc DIRC, Klaus Foehl, Bjoern Seitz
    • ToP Disc DIRC, Markus Ehrenfried, Roland Schmidt
    • Proximity focussing RICH
  • Input from Experts:
    • Respons from the analyzers for the Physics book to give input from simulations, Bertram Kopf
  • Decisions
    • Suggested: separation power (2 Gaussian curves over parameter x) |x_2 -x_1|/sigma_x , for different sigma values |x_2 -x_1|/((sigma_x_2+sigma_x_1)/2). The prescription |x_2 -x_1|/sqrt(sigma_x_1^2+sigma_x_2^2) is deprecated.

Results and Decisions

This meeting was dedicated to get a complete overview of the status we have. The responsible for the detector systems shortly reported to the status of their work.

  • TPC, Quirin Weitzel
    • Quirin could not join the meeting but reported afterwards in a phone call.The values fro the separation power did not change since last year. But the TPC group has a new PhD student working on the dE/dx for the TPC and the TPC is now almost completely installed in the PANDAroot frame work. Thus we can expect until the end of the year new and better simulations for the separation power.
  • ToF, Aida Galoyan
    • Aida presented her studies to a ToF flight detector in the barrel region in front of the DIRC. Her proposal is to take a RPC:.
    • From Bertram Kopfs comments who fears too much material too far from the front of the EMC we learnt that in his simulation (Babar framework) the newest detector design (with a smaller gap between DIRC and EMC) is not installed.
  • Barrel DIRC, Carsten Schwarz, Georg Schepers
    • for the DIRC the calculations which are in the FASTsimulations are actual
  • EMC, Bertram Kopf,
    • Bertram reminded us the presentation he gave on the EMC simulations and analysis with the Neural Network.
  • Muon Counters, Maria Pia Bussa, Marco Maggiora
    • the muon detector was not represented on this meeting
  • Endcap Detectors
    • ToP DISC DIRC, Roland Schnidt Roland metioned the calculations for the timeO for the Time of Propagation he showed on the Cherenkov Biweekly which gave an actualized value for the separation power
    • Focussing Endcap
      • Klaus Föhl told that Bjoern Seitz, Matthias Hoek and himslef are preparing a report to compare the three possible design for the endcap cherenkov
    • Proximity RICH, Lars Schmitt
      • The presentation Lars gave once in the PID TAG are still actual
    • We agreed that finally during this week and in the GSI meeting the definition for the separation power (see above) will be fixed. The presentation in front of the technical board duringt the PANDA week should have the agreed definition already.
  • Phase space plots Marc Pelizaeus, Bertram Kopf
    • Following a request by Bertram Kopf Marc Pelizaeus (from Bochum) produced phase space plots from all the reactions relevant for the physics book. He sent a set of plots for each particle species of the reaction with first particle momentum versus theta angle and second the transversal versus the longitudinal momentum.
    • In addition Marc contributed a root macro and the data files in a tar-file that we can work with it.
        • His short instructions:
          • Just unpack it
          • go to the directory
          • start root
          • let the Macro be compiled and run it:
            • .L pidplots.C++
            • pidplots()
          • The macro loops over the files in the directory. The files had been written with ROOT 5.14-00e.
    • Now we have those plots we have a very strong tool to check the performance of our detector system!

-- GeorgSchepers - 06 Sep 2007
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