Agenda of the 17th EVOmeeting, GSI, 11.07.2008

  • "Final report of the PID TAG", Version 0.3 (available here from 13h 11.07.08 on)
  • discussion, more contributions
  • next meeting

Results and Decisions

-- GeorgSchepers - 11 Jul 2008

some aspects for the agenda

  • please check in only clean versions into svn
    • New document versions committed to svn should Latex smoothly when invoking make. Make sure to add new files and commit changes. Ideally have a 2nd separate svn place where you only checkout and update, to avoid being fooled by local files not under svn control.
  • some general formatting rules
    • Figure size in logical units like fraction of page width preferred.
  • outsourcing/quoting PANDA internal reports?
    • The conclusion was that in doubt include text, in case it is too detailed it still can be ported to a separate document later on. Editing is easier that writing fresh stuff.
  • figure source files, macros etc., where in repository?
    • Currently no specific recommendation, one can keep them in the same subdirectory as the files for display.

-- KlausFoehl - 11 Jul 2008


With only a few people we had still a strong and valuable discussion.
  • Bertram Kopf metioned some important points they learned writing the Physics Book report.(in some weeks there might be a first draft version of this). He volunteered to stregthen the chapter "Physics Requirements" and add physics channels to be investigated for the subsystems but also some of the background channels that lack in the draft version. His work schould act as a good example for the subdetector responsibles to add the physics channels to evaluate their subsystem.
  • Klaus Föhl had prepared some technical guidelines (see above) and wrote it down on FinalReportGuidelines. He addresses the way of "clean working" and some formation rules to have a uniform appearance of the whole report.(this list of rules might be extanded later)
  • I (Georg) will write in the comming days e-mails directed to single representants of the subdetectors that they add descriptions to their detectors and complete the draft.
    • Since not everybody could join the Cracow PID TAG meeting (PidtagMeeting09) I collected the information about starting the svn repository at you (from Carsten Schwarz) and added some more hints to make it easier. This I added to the FinalReportGuidelines.

  • next meeting in two weeks with the discussion about the next draft
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