Guidelines for the Final Report

Start up of the svn repository for the PANDA PIDTAG report

  • First Steps: (Carsten Schwarz, see also PidtagMeeting09, Cracow 23.06.2008)
    • Only the first time: checkout with
      • svn checkout svn+ssh://
    • You find two directories
      • trunk (working directory)
      • tags (holds later named snapshots)
    • Work is done in trunk
      • editing files
      • adding files (later do a svn add filename)
      • removing files by svn remove filename
      • at end
        • svn commit -m “what I have done string”
  • Normal working cycle:
    • in directory pid-tag/trunk
    • svn update (get changes from other people)
    • work
    • svn commit (upload changes to repository)

  • svn without PID TAG password
    • If you want to use svn without entering always the PID TAG password you can send your public dsa key to me (Georg) or Carsten.
    • In case you do not have a public dsa key you can create it:
      • go into you .ssh directory
      • perform there the command:
      • ssh-keygen -d
      • in .ssh you will have then the file
    • Then you can send the content of this file via e-mail to me
      • send only the public key not your private one!

-- GeorgSchepers - 14. Jul 2008



  • Document is prepared with pdflatex, for translation use make
    • use sequence make clean followed by make, as 'make' does not pick up changes to the sub-files included into the main Tex file.
  • Make sure make runs smoothly before committing changes to svn repository.
    • Ideally have a 2nd separate svn directory where you only checkout and update, to avoid being fooled by local-only files not under svn control.
  • Preferably give figure sizes as width=0.9\textwidth, not 155mm.

-- KlausFoehl - 11 Jul 2008

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