Group Meeting at Mainz 10th May 2012

Meeting minutes
  • Dexu:
    • Collecting sadistic of GiBUU code on the Himster
    • produce with pbar = 1.5GeV
      • not so much nucleon emitted ?
      • need to understand how can be the energy of the proton knock out at 1.52GeV ?
  • Cristine:
    • continue the studies on the background for BesIII
  • Manuel:
    • Continue with coding the cross section of the pion, numerical integration is need.
    • Cristina comment about the possibility to do this with PYTHIA
  • Pascal:
    • Flash ADC read by the Data acquisition system and merge on the root file.
    • External trigger for a cosmic muon is under construction.
  • Berti:
    • Back from Holiday from Hungary visiting the family
    • Improve method model
    • Using Opera (this will be Malte)
  • Pascal:
    • Root Macro for the deconvolution of the signal, it will be use filter later and a shaper
  • Dmitry:
    • Panda root tutorial problem
    • Radiative correction try to put on the event generator

Dmitry propose to give a talk on 24 May 2012 about radiative correction calculation for the event generator.
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