• Topic I: PANDARoot and BaBar simulation comparison Talk by Mamen, Talk by Dmitry
    • The result seems reasonablly consistent.
    • However, with 250 MeV/c electron particle gun in the simulation, a shift of 10 MeV to the lower energy end occured in Dmitry's result compared with Mamen's result. Dmitry then found that this phenomena could be related to the digitization process.
    • Mamen and Dmitry will confirm this problem by:
      • 1, check whether the geometry before the BK-EMC, like MVD, used in both simulation is the same.
      • 2, check the 'physics' result before digitization.
      • 3, check the parameters used in both simulations is consistent.

  • Topic II: BK-EMC prototype design Talk by David
    • David proposed the first draft for the prototype BK-EMC test. Two different geometry configurations have been considered, both of which consists of ~17 pieces of PWO-II crystals.

  • Topic III: Polarised proton target study
    • Manuel tried to install the event generator within PANDARoot frame work. A problem due to g77 complier occured, which will be reported to the Blaster user meeting on Monday.
    • Manuel proposed an idea to study the relation between the parameters used in the different functions by Mamen.

If I missed some improtant points please kindly point it out. Thanks in advance. And also please send me your presentation files. I will uploaded them to our wiki page, which will be ready soon.

So far, the book list has been prepared and attached in this email. If anyone has suggestions regarding to it, please let me know as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will pass it to Sabine by Tuesday.

Here is some thing regarding to the future of our group meeting. Up to now, I had a personal impression that our group meeting usually takes 3~4 hours. So that it seems difficult to combine the newly proposed 'Physics' session with the same meeting. Do you think it is possible to have a separate 'Physics' session in a pace of once per month? Only the speaker needs to prepare a talk and the others just paticipate and have a discussion. The schedule of this 'Physics' session could also be more flexible than the group meeting, right? Could you let me know your opinion? If you agree with it, shall we ask Frank to give a talk on EM Form factor on the time that he is convenient?
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