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Minutes for 5th of December:

present: K.-T. Brinkmann, P. Gianotti, O. Hartmann, B. Ketzer, L. Schmitt, M. Steinke, J. Symrski, F. Hügging. excused: S. Neubert, J. Ritman.

Top 1: MVD: Requirements, Design Choices and Simulation questions
Fabian gives a presentation summarizing the requirements and simulation efforts needed for the MVD. Here only brief key points are mentioned together with the items discussed afterwards. The full picture can be seen in Fabian's presentation either as ppt-file or as pdf-file.
  • Concerning the the data load requirements for the strip part of the MVD Kai mentioned that now data are available from Rene's recent simulation results; they will be presented during the upcoming PANDA week in the TAG session as well as in the Computing session.
  • Bernhard asked for more details about the dE/dx possibilities of the MVD. According to Tobias rough simulations presented in Dec 2005, the MVD can contribute to the dE/dx for particles below 600 MeV/c.
  • The need for a discussion about global tracking issues was shortly touched. Especially the dependency of the simulation results needed for one sub-detector from the global tracking performance. In the case for the MVD simulations certain tracking informations also from the CT and FT are needed to evaluate the MVD performance. A more specific discussion about that point will done after the sub-detector round is finished.

Top 2: Next meetings
Next meeting will be during the PANDA week; it will deal with detailed discussions about the TPC and STT, but this has to be confirmed.

Top 3: Any other business
Nothing to report.

-- FabianHuegging - 12 Dec 2006
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