Panda Wiki's Tagpid web The Tagpid web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2024 by contributing authors Panda Wiki Administrator [] The contributing authors of Panda Wiki Panda Wiki Powered by Foswiki, The Free and Open Source Wiki.Tagpid WebHome Welcome to the home of Panda Wiki.Tagpid. This is a web based collaboration area for the PANDA PID TAG FINAL REPORT * PID TAG Final Report.pdf: *"PID TA... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2009-03-11T17:59:44+01:00 g.schepers EvoMeeting22 Agenda of the 22th EVOmeeting, GSI, 05.09.2008 * discussion about the Draft Version 0.8 * new content: * STT * Barrel ToF * Bare... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2008-09-18T14:51:34+02:00 g.schepers PidtagMeeting10 Agenda of the 10th meeting, Ferrara, 08.09.2008 * Introduction (G. Schepers) * presentation of the report * Report Draft 0.9 * new missing conte... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2008-09-18T14:44:48+02:00 g.schepers MeetingsandWorkshops Index Subject Meeting Number Background EMC DISC DIRC 27, 29 Benchmark channels 7 DIRC Trapping Fraction 23 Electron ID EMC 8, 10, 11... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2008-09-18T14:43:53+02:00 g.schepers TasksandResults Requirements for the PID Detectors * PiddetectorRequirements Basic Informations about the PID Detectors * BarrelDirc * C. Schwarz, G. Schepers * B... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2008-09-18T14:09:00+02:00 g.schepers PidtagMeeting07 Agenda of the 6th meeting, GSI, 11.12.2007 * short introduction, Georg Schepers including: * PID with a ToF detector, Aida Galoyan * rpc1.ppt: RP... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2008-09-08T14:49:26+02:00 g.schepers EvoMeeting21 Agenda of the 22th EVOmeeting, GSI, 05.09.2008 * Draft v0.7 * ToF detectors * MvD for PID * Endcap Disc DIRC, Top design * Name of the report. * n... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2008-09-01T15:17:53+02:00 g.schepers EvoMeeting20 Agenda of the 20th EVOmeeting, GSI, 22.08.2008 * discussion about the Draft Version 0.6 * title of the report * what is still missing * the Cherencov li... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2008-09-01T15:03:15+02:00 g.schepers EvoMeeting18 Agenda of the 18th EVOmeeting, GSI, 25.07.2008 * "Final report of the PID TAG", Version 0.4, V.05 (additional sep power and phase space plots in the last minute)... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2008-08-22T11:33:00+02:00 g.schepers EvoMeeting17 Agenda of the 17th EVOmeeting, GSI, 11.07.2008 * "Final report of the PID TAG", Version 0.3 (available here from 13h 11.07.08 on) * discussion, more contribut... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2008-07-28T10:34:21+02:00 g.schepers FinalReportGuidelines Guidelines for the Final Report Start up of the svn repository for the PANDA PIDTAG report * First Steps: (Carsten Schwarz, see also PidtagMeeting09, Cracow 2... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2008-07-22T13:50:44+02:00 g.schepers PidtagMeeting09 Agenda of the 9th meeting, Cracow, 23.07.2008 * Discussion about the first version of the written PID TAG Report Due to the parallel computing meeting, groups on... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2008-07-14T13:13:06+02:00 g.schepers PidtagMeeting08 Agenda of the 8th meeting, GSI, 5.03.2008 * Discussion about the PID TAG Report to be given to the Technical Board at the same meeting Main.GeorgSchepers 19... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2008-07-14T13:08:56+02:00 g.schepers EvoMeeting16 Agenda of the 16th EVOmeeting, GSI, 20.06.2008 * "Final report of the PID TAG", Introduction Georg Schepers * discussion about concepts, way of writing and co... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2008-07-11T11:37:34+02:00 g.schepers EvoMeeting15 Agenda of the 15th EVOmeeting, GSI, 25.04.2008 * "Why do we need a Disc DIRC at PANDA?", presentation Klaus Föhl * "Map of Separation power and Mis Identifica... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2008-06-19T15:01:51+02:00 g.schepers EvoMeeting14 Agenda of the 14th EVOmeeting, GSI, 15.02.2008 * "Mapping Separation power", talk, Klaus Götzen * PidTag080215.pdf(PidTag080215.PPT) * see upda... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2008-04-24T17:14:16+02:00 g.schepers

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