3. PID TAG VRVS Meeting (20.07.2006)


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Results and Decisions

  • Common plots for separation power
    • example Klaus Foehl: Klaus proposed for the Disc Dirc to determine the separation power with the measured beta of the particles, i.e. the ratio of the distance of the (Gauss-)disributions and its width, http://wiki.gsi.de/cgi-bin/view/Pandatagpid/SeparationpowerExampleplot. He presented a 4- as well as a 6-parameter analysis (http://wiki.gsi.de/cgi-bin/view/Pandatagpid/ExamplePlots) where the results can be visualized (disregarding the any phi-dependence) on a single plot showing the Numbers of sigma (of separation) versus the momentum and the theta angle of the particles. In the near future he will post more informations on the Pandatagpid-Wiki explaning this method of analysis.
    • example BaBar: NIM A538(2005) 281-357: The BaBar approach that bases on an "efficiency matrix" as Georg showed is close to the ideas Klaus presented.
    • Finally we agreed that we need both, the representation of separation power versus momentum and angle as well as a matrix of the efficiency of the reconstruction of the particle species.

  • Phase space or "kinematic" plots of theta vs momentum
    • Bertram Kopf, http://www.ep1.rub.de/~bertram/PID_TAG/Kinematics.pdf: Bertram showed kinematic plots of the momentum distribution versus the particle angles produced with the DPM-Generator at two beam momenta (2 and 15 GeV/c) and for a specific reaction.He claimed the necessity of EMC and Cherenkov detectors for different ranges of momenta. With this data we can easily test wether our detectors cover all the particles of the benchmark reactions. However we agreed that we need more data of a appropriate selection of benchmark channels, since some detectors are more important in certain (rare) physics channels, for example the backward region of the barrel DIRC). As Bertram emphasized, final answers need a full simulation including background.

  • Tasks
    • Klaus Foehl will put informations concerning the 4- and 6-parameter analysis on the Wiki
    • Bertram makes the Monte Carlo data available in a repository
    • Bertram agreed to make more simulations when he gets new benchmark channels
    • Carsten will ask the four persons in charge for the definition of benchmark channels for the changes compared to the officiel lists of benchmark channels

  • Next VRVS
    • Since there is vacation time in August Georg will propose "a range of time" between the 14th and 25th of August to find a possible date before the Vienna meeting beginning of Septembre.

-- GeorgSchepers - 21 Jul 2006
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