Minutes of the PID-TAG, 16-17h, June, 13 2006, Carsten Schwarz

  • Talk, Thierry Hennino
Thierry Hennino gave a presentation about the possibility to use the DIRC subsystem for electron-pion separation at low energies, where the EMC-subsystem has only moderate resolution: Simulations in the "old" PANDA framework show that at 500 MeV/c the misidentification of an electron as a pion is 2.5%. He pointed out that it is important to know if the simulations give the right answers. At 1500 MeV/c 66% of the pions have an interaction in the EMC crystals. However, at BaBar, the pion misidentification turned out to be 5times larger than the simulated ones. His conclusion was that the DIRC can improve the PID of the EMC at energies lower than 1GeV.

  • Discussion
An discussion about the need of a common plot of separation power for the subsystems led to the suggestion to put some examples on the wiki pages and to decide later on about the axis units and standard deviation (2,3,3.5, or 4 sigma)

-- GeorgSchepers - 22 Jun 2006
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