-- GeorgSchepers - 17 Mar 2006

Minutes after Hand writings of KlausFoehl

  • First Questions to ask:

KlausPeters: PLOT: Goal of the PID TAG:
Goal of the PID TAG

IntiLehmann: What is the status quo, where we have holes/redundancies?

Make an overall plot LH1/LH2 over (Theta,P).

Fast Kaons plus slow Kaon: Not only one-dimensional plot but look into the correlations as well.

Simulations, background generators, reaction generators

KlausPeters: Acceptanceas flat as possible in order not to loose partial waves

all PID from gamma to D, a lot of pairs


particle ID, maximum likelyhood of many detectors combined

  • questions to be answered for the next meeting:
    • Acceptance of Detectors
      • momentum range
      • angular range
    • particle seperation, sigma(Theta,P)

    • material budget by upstream detectors (example: performance degradation EMC behind DISC?)

  • how to communicate in between the meetings?
    • Combination of:
      • existing Hypernews
      • creation of a new TAGPID - Wiki-page (Georg Schepers) this page will provide a flat memory space for text results and plots
      • VRVS-meetings all two-to-four weeks regarding the Wiki-page as common information
      • additional work shops might be not needed if the VRVS-meetings work fine

  • DecisionsandTaskspidtag01
    • a TagPid Wiki-page will be installed by GeorgSchepers
    • the responsible for the subdetectors provide the informations asked or find the person who provides them
    • Georg collects the informations and puts it there (if it was not done already by the responsible of the detector)
    • Georg e-mails for the name and location of the Wiki page
    • VRVS meetings will take place, the first about four weeks after the Panda meeting at Dresden
    • Georg e-mails for the date and conditions of the page (remark! please install and check the VRVS on your machine (www.vrvs.org) while before the VRVS-meeting that you are sure to be able to take part!)
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