Agenda of the 20th EVOmeeting, GSI, 22.08.2008

  • discussion about the Draft Version 0.6
  • title of the report
  • what is still missing
  • the Cherencov light background in the Disc DIRC produced by showers lacking out of the last ring of the Barrel EMC.
  • next meeting (before Ferrara?)

Results and Decisions

  • PID TAG Report (v0.6)
    • The new content of the Draft v0.6 was presented:
      • The chapter for the barrel ToF was added by Aida Galoyan (the contribution for the Forward Tof will come this week).
      • in the Evaluation chapter Klaus Götzen added a table of detector performance for different reactions. Here two parameters should indicate the strength and weakness of the detectorsystem. One parameter is the separationpower integrated over the region overlapping with simulated background, the second is the fraction of separation power smaller 8. The Table contains the values for four cases: 1) With STT, 2) with TPC, 3) with STT without ToF and 4) With TPC without ToF. The numbers have a coulour code to indicate good or bed performance.
    • What is missing
      • It was agreed that a chapter about the full PANDA detector do not have to appeare within but can be refered to in other recent reports (TDR or Physics Book).
      • Georg Schepers will rewrite the Introduction and will write a first version of the Conclusions to be discussed in the next meeting. It was agreed that the "Conclusion chapter" will not contain recommendations. The values to be found in the report are strong enough to give "recommendations".
    • The name of the Report was discussed since "Final Report" might sound "too final". A name will be given in the comming meeting.

  • Background in the DISC DIRC from e*e- lacking out of the last Barrel EMC ring when a photon showers there.
    • Following first calculation for the light guide Disc DIRC of Klaus Föhl the light from the shower particles broadens and shifts the beta and so the reconstructed mass of the particles hitting the Disc DIRC. But this is a small effect that might be even deminished using in addition the time information. See his plots :
      • EVO2008-08-22presentation.ppt: EMC shower into Disc Dirc simulation, Klaus Foehl
      • EVO2008-08-22presentation.pdf: EMC shower into Disc Dirc simulation, Klaus Foehl
        • page 2: light guide number ("phi") vs. position on focal plane ("theta")
        • page 3: light guide number ("phi") vs. position on focal plane ("theta")
        • page 4: beta (V/c) vs. number of entries
        • page 5: mass vs. number of entries

  • next meeting
    • it was agreed to have already end of this week, on Friday the 29th of August, our next EVO meeting.

-- GeorgSchepers - 22 Aug 2008
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