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PANDA Collaboration U. Wiedner y 2012  
FAIR L. Schmitt y 2010  
pbar Complex L. Schmitt y 2010  
PANDA Detector (general) L. Schmitt y 2010  
Magnet system I. Lehmann y 2010  
Target A. Koukhaz      
MVD K.T. Brinkmann y 2010  
PID C. Schwartz      
DIRC C. Schwartz y 2010  
Straw P. Gianotti y 2011  
TPC B. Ketzer      
FTracker J. Smyrski y 2011  
EMC R. Novotny      
Muon Detector G. Alexeev      
LumiMonitor M. Fritsch      
Electronics P. Salabura      
Computing J. Messchendorp y 2011  
Hypernuclei equipment A. Sanchez      
Exotics K. Peters y 2010  
Charmonium D. Bettoni      
Baryons A. Gillitzer y 2011  
Form Factors E. Tomasi-Gustafsson y 2011  
Spin Physics M. Maggiora      
Ligth Quarks A. Gillitzer      
Hypernuclei A. Sanchez y 2011  
Hadrons in Matter A. Gillitzer y 2011  


  • Panda Collaboration

  • Panda Collaboration (Front Matter), pbar Complex, Detector, FAIR and PANDA (in general)

  • Magnet system

  • MVD

  • DIRC

  • Straw

  • Ftracker

  • Computing

Additional Material

  • Fonts (a modified set of Verdana True Type Fonts with bars (VerdanaBar) and more readable greek letters (VerdanaEqn). The last one can be used also for normal writing in the absence of the Verdana Standard font.
  • Images

PANDA Document Upload Help

Every speaker is asked to upload slides, abstracts and proceedings to the PANDA Web.

-- SuSchadmand - 23 Jan 2014
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ASanchezLEAP2011-6.pptppt ASanchezLEAP2011-6.ppt manage 21 MB 2011-05-11 - 12:58 UnknownUser Double Lambda Hypernuclei at the PANDA experiment, LEAP2011 conference
BaryonSpectroscopy_Trento11.pptxpptx BaryonSpectroscopy_Trento11.pptx manage 4 MB 2011-03-04 - 11:10 UnknownUser baryon spectroscopy by Gillitzer
Collab_0910.pptppt Collab_0910.ppt manage 38 K 2011-01-26 - 15:52 UnknownUser List of the panda collaboration
Collab_2012_05.pptppt Collab_2012_05.ppt manage 37 K 2012-10-08 - 19:47 KlausGoetzen PANDA Institute List 05/2012
FormFactors.pptxpptx FormFactors.pptx manage 8 MB 2011-03-31 - 18:12 UnknownUser material on Electromagnetic Form Factors, Space-Like, Time-Like, Simulations, Radiative corrections
Forward_Tracker.pptppt Forward_Tracker.ppt manage 2 MB 2011-07-01 - 16:56 UnknownUser template of the forward tracker
Gluonic_Excitations.pptppt Gluonic_Excitations.ppt manage 15 MB 2008-02-17 - 07:29 KlausPeters Reference Slides - Gluonic Excitations
MVD-2-performances.pptxpptx MVD-2-performances.pptx manage 1 MB 2010-11-30 - 11:47 UnknownUser slides about performances of mvd
MVD-3-physics.pptxpptx MVD-3-physics.pptx manage 285 K 2010-11-30 - 11:48 UnknownUser slide with physics
panda_poster_pdfx3.pdfpdf panda_poster_pdfx3.pdf manage 19 MB 2010-11-25 - 13:04 UnknownUser Poster about PANDA (SMI)
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