Parser arguments

Exactly one PWA application is provided for each individual reaction (e.g. pbarpReactionApp, epemReactionApp or .gammapReactionApp). The choice of the application mode, the definition of the decay trees and a lot of other parser options can be set by a configuration file. An example of such a configuration file can be found in the tutorial. The most important parser options are listed below. All of them can be found in the classes "ConfigParser/ParserBase.hh" for general purposes and e.g. in "ConfigParser/pbarpParser.hh" for arguments that can only be uses for analyses with p̅p data:

Arguments required in the Command Line

The following arguments can not be used in the configuration file but only in the command line when running the respective application

Option Argument Description



{path/name} Path and or name of the main configuration file needed for the coupled channel fit
--pbarpFiles {path/name} Path to configuration file for a pbarp reaction channel
--epemFiles {path/name} Path to configuration file for a e+ e- reaction channel
--ggFiles {path/name} Path to configuration file for a γ γ or central production reaction channel
--pipiScatteringFiles {path/name} Path to configuration file for scattering channel
--resFiles {path/name} Path to configuration file starting from a single resonance

Arguments to define the PWA model


Option Arguments Description
addDynamics {particle} {dynamic} [argument1 ...] Adds a dynamic amplitude to the decay of a particle. Arguments have to be added for specific dynamics. When the K-matrix formalism is used a configuration file has to be given.
cloneParticle {particle1} {particle2} Create a new particle {particle2} in the particle table that has the same properties as particle {particle1}
decay {formalism} [noIso] {particle1} To {particle2} {particle3} Adds the decay of particle1 to the amplitude using a certain spin formalism. The [noIso] option is optional and disables isospin couplings
finalStateParticle {name} Name of one final state particle. The order of final state particles in the configuration file has to be the same as in the data/monte carlo files

{particle1} {particle2}

[argument1 ...]

Adds the production of two particles to the amplitude. Arguments have been added for specific dynamics e.g. BlattWBarrier.
replaceParamSuffix {string1} {string2} Replace a part of a parameter name ({string1}) with {string2}. This option can be used to merge parameters.
replaceMassKey {particle name} {new name} Replace the name of a particle inside the Mass/Width parameter name. This option can be used to merge parameters.
massRangeCuts {min} {max} {particle1} {particle2} ... {particleN} Set mass interval for the invariant mass of particle1 particle2 ... particleN
massRangeAntiCuts {min} {max} {particle1} {particle2} ... {particleN} Set mass interval anti cut for the invariant mass of particle1 particle2 ... particleN
productionFormalism {string} Choose formalism for the production process: "Heli", "Cano", "Tensor", "HeliMultipole", "Formation", "FormationGamGam", "FormationPbarP", "PVecIntensity", "Phase", "ArgandUnits", "PhaseDiff", "Treal", "Timag", "1DMassFit"


Option Argument Description
lmax {value} Maximal contributing orbital antiproton-proton momentum
dropPbarpLForParticle {particle name} {value} Drop a pbarp L for certain particle
pbarmom {momentum in GeV} Anitiproton momentum in lab frame. Required for histogramming
spinDensity {particle name} Calculate spin density matrix elements of this particle

Other Arguments


Option Argument Description
datFile {path} Path to file containing data events
errLogMode {string} Choose mode for error logger: "debug", "trace", "routine", "warning", "error" and "alert" are supported.
mode {mode name} Set execution mode. See list of modes.
mcFile {path} Path to file containing monte carlo events
orderInFile {string1} {string2} {string3} {string4} Order of the 4-vector elements in input files: "Px Py Pz E" and "E Px Py Pz" are supported.
serializationFile {path} Path to serialization file (for qa, sdm modes)
name {string} Set a name that is attached to all output file names
noOfDataEvents {value} Set maximum number of data events for PWA- or QA-mode
paramFile {path} Path to file containing start parameters
pdgTableFile {path} Path of the pdg-table file, containing particle definitions and properties
preFactor {value} Set prefactor for an individual amplitude
ratioMcToData {value} Limit number of read monte carlo events by setting a ratio
unitInFile {string: GEV or MEV} Chosen unit in the ASCII input files
useEventWeight {bool} Read a (leading) weight for each set of four-vectors in the datFile (NOT mcFile currently)


Option Argument Description
cacheAmps {bool} enable/disable caching of amplitudes
mnParFix {parameter name} Fix parameter
doScaling {bool} enable/disable pwa fit just for scaling (scaling parameter free; remaining parameter fixed)
contributionError {none} Calculate error of wave contribution in qa mode
evoIterations {int} Max number of iterations for evolutionary minimizer
evoPopulation {int} Population size for evolutionary minimizer
minimumTolerance {float} Sets the migrad tolerance argument


Option Argument Description
histAngles {particle name 1} from {particle name 1} {particle name 2} ... Create histogram of angles of particle 1 in the cms frame of (particle 1)+(particle 2)+...
histMass {particle name 1} {particle name 2} ... Create histogramm of the invariant mass of the specified particles

Options for the Client/Server-Mode

Option Argument Description
serverAddress {value} IP or hostname of server
serverPort {value} Port for server. Default is 22222
noOfClients {value} Number of clients the server expects

Options for Coupled Channel Mode

Option Argument Description
clientNumberWeights {weight channel 1} {weight channel 2} ... Weights to assign the number of clients to the respective channels. If the option is not given the clients are auto-assigned. The weights become normalized so "clientNumberWeights = 0.2 0.8" is the same as "clientNumberWeights = 5 20"

Options for Event Generator

Option Argument Description
generateWithModel {bool} use model or phasespace only
randomSeed {int} start seed for random generator
noOfGenEvents {int} number of events to be generated

Options for qaMode

Option Argument Description
serializationFile {path} The serialization file contains the covariance matrix of the pwa result. This file is needed for later error calculations.
contributionError {bool} Calculates the error of the total contribution and the individual contributions defined by the option "calcContribution". The --serializationFile argument needs to be set.
calcContribution {name} withZeroAmp {string} {string} ... Calculates the number of events for a part of the full amplitude (i.e. only for a certain resonance). This is done by setting all parameters that include {string} as a substring in their name to zero. The calculated contribution ist tagged with {name}.
saveContributionHistos {bool} Generates an additional root-File with histogramms for each contribution defined with the option "calcContribution" in the configuration file. The name of the rootfile is composed by the general option {name} and the {name} of the contribution as set in the calcContribution option.
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