Group Meeting at Mainz 26th April 2012

Meeting minutes
  • Christine:
    • Chiller don't arrive to -25°C due to the compressor
    • It is the possibility to buy a new one or a chiller on exposition for half price.
    • Vacuum workshop find a chiller which arrive to -40°C.
  • Pascal:
    • Flash ADC read by the Data acquisition system and merge on the root file.
    • External trigger for a cosmic muon is under construction.
  • Iris:
    • Macro for the pion, muon production in the Himster, 1M event in production.
  • Dexu::
    • Start GiBUU code on the Himster
    • two kaon decay are not back to back produce. Dexu try to understand this.
  • Cristina:
    • Background signal studies (BesIII on e+e- collider)
    • Install simulation in Himster
      • Yue Ask about the resolution difference between PANDA and BesIII?
        • Studies make by Dmitry on the Form factors show is better determine for PANDA (statistical error low than BesIII).
        • Only the Luminosity make the difference.
  • Keith:
    • Preparing a proposal on strange Barion, Omega(3s) and sigma(2s).
    • Analysis on the EMC effect in Deuteron.
      • Keith explain the EMC effect and the difference between the strong and the weak interaction.

  • Dmitry:
    • install new macro in Himster for studie radiative correction e+e-
    • Put this radiative correction on the event generator is the goal of this studies.

  • Mamen:
    • Waiting for the correction.

  • Manuel:
    • preparing the code to calculate the pbarp going to pi+pi-
    • Cross section is need for the determination of the suppression factor.

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