Group Meeting at Mainz 10th November 2011

  • Roberto Pérez Benito
    • SYMB install in Olympus done
    • Servicing week was successful for the SYMB
    • MC Simulation are need to know the difference between Moeller and Bhabha cross section on the SYMB.
    • Roberto is going to Hamburg for analyses propose.

  • Dmitry Khaneft: pbarp->e+e-
    • Trying to reproduce the data from our paper
    • 10^{8} out for 1 background channel
    • 10^{6} - 9 samples of signal No PID available
    • need to say kB/events, time/events and CPUtime/events

  • Donghee Kang
    • He has to separate signal & background
    • Nex week there will be a presentation if we have time.

  • Bertalan Feher
    • Atomic lecture week. He's preparing "Homework" Hyperfine structure and States mixing
    • Test the superconductor in He-4 @2k -> testing structure from Andreas Thomas
    • Solenoid outside + superconductor inside
      • Bi2212 Critical temperature = 92k
    • Movable Hall probe has be constructed, Cryostat working with He
    • Fast experiment with N2?
      • YBCO =>High T superconductor:10^{6}Atoms/cm^{2} Tc~100k
  • Keith Griffioen
    • Transverse polarized target
    • event model to see how the events would look like on PANDA
    • fraction of pbarp states is high

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