Group meeting at Mainz
  • Maria Carmen Mora Espi: Simulation pbarp->e+e-pi0 à la Lansberg
    • Suppression factor for the pi+pi-pi0 background is 2 order of magnitude lower than pi+pi- case PID efficiency dependence on pion momentum need to be confirmed.She will also check the consistency by revisiting the simulation of pi+pi- to reproduce the previous result.
    • In her current simulation, the dead region for tracking is not properly shown, whose reason need to be verify.

  • Manuel Zambrana: A Monte Carlo event generator for pbarp->pi+pi-
    • a pbar + p->pi+ + pi- event generator has been fully created and tested. He will implement it into PandaRoot and upload it to SVN.
    • some interesting features of the pbar + p->pi+ + pi- have been noticed during his work cos(theta_CM) dependence for the cross section may reflect the hadron structure.

Group Seminar

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