Group meeting at Mainz
  • Dmitry:
    • Presents the studies on the radiation lenghts with Geant3 and Geant4 with smaller binning.
    • There is still more than 1 X_0 difference at some angles.
    • Thomas Würschig also found strange behaviour between G3 and G4, but he has not yet answer. So far he finds anything will contact with Dmitry.
    • Dmitry has also asked Mohammed, but it seems either that he is not understanding the question or is giving a wrong answer...

  • Manuel:
    • Presents a method to calculate the angular distribution of the electron-positron pair in the reaction \bar{p}p->e^+e^-\pi^0.
    • Look into his transparences.
    • How has Jerome developed the event generator?
    • The people in Bochum generated some events for Jerome and Gosia, maybe is also a good idea to ask them about the event generator they have used.

  • Donghee:
    • Presents some transparences explaining what the Kalman Filter does.
    • It makes a pre-selection of the good events before fitting the paths.

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