• Dmitry tried adjust cutting parameters used in PandaRoot in order to compare his results with Mamen. However, the correspondence between energy cut and step length cut is not obvious. He will contact the expert at Orsay.

  • Maman tried new method for the backgroud substraction:EMC Studies
    • |p_tracking - p_input| < thres.
    • It seems that the backgroud distribution heavily depends on the dead materials.
    • It may be hard to have a general function suitable for the back ground substraction.

  • David reported his design for the Olympus SYMB. The major design has been fixed. He will continue to work out the details like the effects of vibration and how to protect the crystals from crashing with the beam pipe.

  • Yue tried to run the simulations for the Olympus SYMB. Simulation for Olympus
    • The result is consisten with Jurgen.
    • A more serious study is on going together with other collaborators.

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