Friday, November 20, 2020 9am -


Christopher Hahn, Fritz-Herbert Heinsius, Guangshun Huang, Qi Huang, Dong Liu, Markus Moritz, Ben Salisbury, Claudius Schnier, Sun Shengsen, Matthias Steinke, Guang Zhao


  • Dong Liu: Presentation on energy calibration based on pi0 mass. He plans to write a paper. Suggestions: Do calibration with DPM data, smear also mean value of calibration 2020-11-20-CalibrationPaper.pdf: EMC calibration
  • At the CHEP conference an interesting paper was presented: The CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter workflow
  • Guan Zhao: The shashlik digitisation code is fixed and checked. He works on the memory consumption/leak. Following the discussion at the last collaboration meeting he checked the implementation of extracting the energy by integration instead of taking the amplitude. Following some discussions with Markus Preston he modified the code. It may be tested with test beam data.
  • Ben Salisbury: Short report on PANDAroot meeting
    • Memory leak not yet understood, related to TTree flushing to disk
    • Event display
    • Viktor/Tobias/Ben had a discussion on time based EMC simulation - the work will be included in the EMC refractorisation branch

Next meetings

  • January 22, 2021
  • February 19, 2021 ?

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