Panda Wiki's Tagtrk/Pandatagtrk web The Tagtrk/Pandatagtrk web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2024 by contributing authors Panda Wiki Administrator [] The contributing authors of Panda Wiki Panda Wiki Powered by Foswiki, The Free and Open Source Wiki.Tagtrk/Pandatagtrk WebHome Welcome to the home of Panda Wiki.Tagtrk/Pandatagtrk. This is a web based collaboration area for the PANDA tracking TAG. PANDA TAG Tracking Content Topics *... (last changed by FabianHuegging) 2007-05-16T10:04:07+02:00 FabianHuegging DraftVersion PANDA TAG Tracking Here you find the current draft of the summay document about the work of ur group. * tag2 draft2.5.1.pdf: Draft Version 2.5.1 16 May 2007... (last changed by FabianHuegging) 2007-05-16T10:03:12+02:00 FabianHuegging MeetingMinutesP5 PANDA TAG Tracking Minutes for 27th of March: The transparencies shown by Fabian during the meeting can found here:tag_tracking.pdf. Top 1: TAG document new ... (last changed by FabianHuegging) 2007-04-03T15:48:14+02:00 FabianHuegging MeetingAgendaP5 PANDA TAG Tracking Agenda for 27th of March: * TAG document new draft 2.5 discussion * Central Tracker discussion on design choice criteria * TAG... (last changed by FabianHuegging) 2007-03-21T15:17:24+01:00 FabianHuegging MeetingMinutesV5 PANDA TAG Tracking Minutes for 6th of Februar: present: A. Braghieri, K. T. Brinkmann, P. Gianotti, O. Hartmann, B. Ketzer, S. Neubert, J. Ritman, L. Schmitt, M.... (last changed by FabianHuegging) 2007-02-12T15:23:42+01:00 FabianHuegging MeetingAgendaV5 PANDA TAG Tracking Agenda for 6th of February: * STT: Requirements and Simulation questions * Paola's presentation: pdf file * TPC: Requirements a... (last changed by FabianHuegging) 2007-02-09T12:15:43+01:00 FabianHuegging WebPreferences Tagtrk/Pandatagtrk Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the Tagtrk/Pandatagtrk web. These preferences overwrite the site level preference... (last changed by c.huhn) 2007-02-05T16:11:04+01:00 ChristopherHuhn BenchmarkChannels PANDA TAG Tracking Benchmark Channels Four physics channels has been choosen for benchmarking the tracking properties of the detector components. * Open char... (last changed by FabianHuegging) 2006-12-19T11:26:27+01:00 FabianHuegging DesignChoices PANDA TAG Tracking Design Choices 1. Central Tracker: * TPC a Time Projection Chamber with a GEM based readout or * STT a Straw Tube Tracker with ... (last changed by FabianHuegging) 2006-12-19T11:11:35+01:00 FabianHuegging TrackingRequirements PANDA TAG Tracking Tracking Requirements The requirements for the PANDA tracking detectors can be dividied into: Micro Vertex Detector (MVD) More details are gi... (last changed by FabianHuegging) 2006-12-18T16:56:44+01:00 FabianHuegging MeetingMinutesP4 PANDA TAG Tracking Minutes for 11th of December: Top 1: Status of the TAG work Fabian gives a short overview about the current status of the TAG Trk, which can... (last changed by FabianHuegging) 2006-12-18T16:38:01+01:00 FabianHuegging MeetingAgendaP4 PANDA TAG Tracking Agenda for 11th of December: * Status of the TAG work * Next meetings * Any other business Main.FabianHuegging 08 Dec 2006 (last changed by FabianHuegging) 2006-12-18T16:23:13+01:00 FabianHuegging MeetingMinutesV4 PANDA TAG Tracking Minutes for 5th of December: present: K. T. Brinkmann, P. Gianotti, O. Hartmann, B. Ketzer, L. Schmitt, M. Steinke, J. Symrski, F. Hügging. e... (last changed by FabianHuegging) 2006-12-18T16:02:23+01:00 FabianHuegging MeetingAgendaV4 PANDA TAG Tracking Agenda for 5th of December: * MVD: Requirements, Design Choices and Simulation questions * Fabian's presentation: ppt file or pdf ... (last changed by FabianHuegging) 2006-12-05T09:29:50+01:00 FabianHuegging MeetingMinutesV3 PANDA TAG Tracking Minutes for 10th of November: present: O. Hartmann, S. Neubert, J. Ritman, M. Steinke, J. Symrski, F. Hügging. excused: K. T. Brinkmann, P. G... (last changed by FabianHuegging) 2006-11-10T14:09:05+01:00 FabianHuegging MeetingAgendaV3 PANDA TAG Tracking Agenda for 10th of November: * Forward Tracker: Requirements, Design Choices and Simulation questions * Jerzy's presentation: ppt fil... (last changed by FabianHuegging) 2006-11-10T08:17:43+01:00 FabianHuegging

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