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Minutes for 27th of March:

The transparencies shown by Fabian during the meeting can found here:tag_tracking.pdf.

Top 1: TAG document - new draft 2.5 & discussion
A new draft of the concluding documnet has been prepared; it can be received via the Wiki page here: version 2.5. Apart from minor changes concerning the milestones main focus was given to the requirements and questions to simulation part for the MVD. A section with 2-3 pages has been introduced summarizing the detailed session about the MVD requirements, open simulation question and how to address them. This section is not a complete discussion about the topic rather it is an introduction with a brief description of the current MVD design, the main requirements and important simulation questions. More details can be found then on the Wiki page.

Therefore this section can be used as an example for the other sub-detector chapters. It was agreed that the presenters of the different sub-systems will write the according chapters for their detector component, i.e. Jerzy for the FT, Paola for the CT - STT option and Bernhard for the CT - TPC option. Not more than 2 or 3 pages are required. The CT-section should start with a genral part describing the main Figures of Merit (FoM) to be applied to both options followed by the specific chapters for the 2 options, TPC and STT.

Fabian is in charge to prepare a section describing briefly the overall tracking performance goals together with their FoM. This will also cover to a certain extend the software approaches to be developed for the global tracking of PANDA.

Top 2: Central Tracker - discussion on design choice criteria
The current status of the design criteria for the CT has been presented, see presentation, page 5 and 6. The important FoM covering the physics performance of the CT are accepted. But two more points must be introduced, in particular the total material budget and the PID capabilities using the dE/dx-measurements in terms of separation power.

More points including feasibility of the detector concept, production and maintenance as well as costs and impact on other detectors have been discussed along the old criteria list proposed at the beginning of our work. Basically all important items are covered somehow there but this list must updated according to our new structure and knowledge. It was agreed that sub-sections covering specific questions for the both options will follow the more general part. Fabian will prepare a new draft as soon as possible.

Top 3: TAG contribution to forward tracking inside target spectrometer
The current discussion concerning a re-design of the forward tracking inside target spectromenter must also be reflected within our concluding document. Although no final decision upon the design can be expected in the near future and therefore this region cannot be treated like the other parts of the PANDA tracking system the basic physics driven requirements havn't changed. Therefore this discussion can be covered inside the FT chapter about requirements and open simulation questions without having in mind a concrete detector design and layout. The currently discussed options like GEM tracking stages, additional silicon layers or a combined proximity DIRC with GEM readout and tracking can be shortly mentioned before defining the important physics related FoMs for that region. Jerzy and Fabian are in charge to integrate this topic inside the FT section.

Top 4: Any other business
Lars suggested a one-day workshop at the FZ Juelich finalizing the TAG document prior the September PANDA meeting (14.09.2007). The Juelich TAG members (Jim, Fabian) see a confict with the MENU conference and the POF midterm review both taking place at the same time in Juelich. Therefore the decision about such a workshop and the date has been postponed.

Next step for the TAG will be further work on the concluding document as described. A next meeting mainly dealing the final decision the about design choice criteria and the progress of the TAG document will be take place in May either as VRVS/EVO conference or as telephone conference.

-- FabianHuegging - 02 Apr 2007

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