1. PID TAG VRVS Meeting (26.04.2006)


  • Communications

  • Which Detector identifies what particles under which angle?
    • What was achieved untill now?
    • What is missing?

  • How to go on?
    • Ideas
    • Glasgow
    • next VRVS to prepare for PANDA meeting @ GSI

Results and Decisions

  • Communications
    • for the communications concerning the PID TAG the PID TAG Forum at GSI will be used
    • the Cherenkov group moves also to the GSI Forum.

Consequently the HyperNews Forum of the Cherenkov group will be "closed".

Following that, the page Tasksans Results looks now as following:

  • TpC
    • B. Ketzer / S. Neubert

    • Naming of the Detectors
      • to avoid further confusions Bern will post a sketch of the PANDA detector with the names of each detector part

  • How to go on
    • the Pandtagpid Wiki page will be filled and updated contineously and interactively
    • Georg will contact the responsible of the detectors who didn't post their contribution to the PANDA PID yet
    • some of the PID TAG members (Cherenkov) will meet in Glasgow in May
    • the next VRVS meeting will take place in the 4th week of May to prepare the PID TAG meeting of the PANDA meeting at GSI

-- GeorgSchepers - 27 Apr 2006
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