Presentation comments:

- Klaus Foehl has a lot of nice performance plots for the endcap DISC. They surely should be included. Matthias Hoek can probably provide a construction picture, Klaus has a couple of nice drawings for the light guides. Carsten should have them as well as part of the talk I sent to the KVI PAC. I do not know how much was discussed about the ToP-DISC option, but either Markus or Michael will probably have some conceptual pictures. Klaus can provide a performance plot as well, which might be beneficial as it will use the same format and notation.

- The most obvious thing missing (and my humble apologies that I could not add to that during yesterdays meeting) are strategies to combine responses from different detector components. We have no common strategy or plots yet, but at least we have the presentation I gave in Vienna and Betrams ideas on using neural networks. Both methods have been successfully applied in different experiments and a priori I could not judge which will work better. It is clear (and this is an important message we have to send to the collaboration and the sub-detector groups) that both methods will rely on precise test-beam data and very good Monte-Carlo models, either to provide and conditional probablity functions for the apporach I suggested or to train the neural network. We concentrated on the different systems on their own, which to my mind is the minimal approximation on the PID capabilities of the final system. There will be regions of phase space where only one detector system will give and answer, but I would (perhaps naively assume) that there will be significant overlap of different techniques making the sum more than its parts. As we don't have results yet, we need to make clear, that this is where we ar least partly will spend the extended time on.

- Ola presented the need for a forward Cherenkov behind the dipole in her presentation at the Glasgow workshop. I think, we should include some of her findings and may be constrast them with ToF options. This might be a case, where combined detector responses (ToF + CAL) have to be constrasted with what a RICH alone, RIHC + CAL etc. can achieve.

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the meetins at GSI, but will be available by email from Monday evening on in case the final presentation should be reviewed again or further input from my side is needed. -- BjoernSeitz - 08 Dec 2006

-- GeorgSchepers - 07 Dec 2006
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