Instrumentation (34)
  • Alberto Riccardi : TDC for the front end architecture in the PANDA MVD
  • Hans-Georg Zaunick: Der Mikrovertex-Detektor des PANDA-Experiments
  • Tommaso Quagli: Integration of the strip barrel staves of the PANDA Micro Vertex Detector
  • Valentino Di Pietro: A low-power front-end amplifer for the microstrip sensors of the PANDA Microvertex Detector
  • Matteo Cardinali : Frontend Electronics for high-precision single photo-electron timing using FPGA-TDCs
  • Matthias Hoek: Entwicklung von DIRCs für PANDA
  • A. Karavdina : PANDA Luminosity Detector software: preparation for expected challenges
  • Erik Etzelmüller: Technical design of the PANDA Disc DIRC Detector
  • Julian Rieke: A new prototype for the PANDA Disc DIRC Detector
  • Alexander Britting: Measurements of recent microchannel-plate photomultipliers with significantly increased lifetime Alexander Britting
  • F. Feldbauer: Der PANDA-Luminositätsdetektor
  • Tobias Weber: High Voltage Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors for the PANDA Luminosity Detector
  • Heinrich Leithoff: Ein Kühlsystem für den PANDA-Luminositätsdetektor
  • Gerrit Kuhl: Test von Avalanche-Photodioden für das PANDA-EMC
  • Claudius Schnier: Aufbau und Test von Kalorimeter-Modulen für PANDA
  • Tobias Holtmann: Charakterisierung von Vakuumphototetroden für das PANDA-Kalorimeter
  • Miriam Kümmel: The Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System for PANDA
  • Milan Wagner: Concepts for Pre-Assemply Data Acquisition for the PANDA Experiment
  • Yutie Liang: FPGA helix tracking algorithm for PANDA
  • Luigi Capozza: The backward end-cap for the PANDA electromagnetic calorimeter
  • Oliver Noll: Kühlung und Temperaturbestimmung für die Rückwärtsentkappe des elektromagnetischen Kalorimeters des PANDAExperiments
  • Stefan Diehl: Response of a Prototype for the PANDA Barrel EMC to Tagged Photons in the Energy Range from 750 MeV up to 3.2 GeV
  • Christoph Rosenbaum: Construction and First Characterisation of a Prototype for the PANDA Barrel EMC in a Close to Final Design
  • Maria Patsyuk: Simulation and reconstruction for the PANDA Barrel DIRC
  • Roman Dzhygadlo: Performance of the PANDA Barrel DIRC Prototype
  • Marko Zühlsdorf: A time-based likelihood approach for the PANDA Barrel DIRC detector
  • Marcell Steinen : A high resolution germanium detector array for hypernuclear studies at PANDA
  • Sebastian Bleser: Optimization of the target system for the hypernuclear experiment at PANDA
  • Andre Goerres: The PASTA Chip - A Free-Running Readout ASIC for Silicon Strip Sensors in PANDA
  • Andreas Herten: GPU Implementations of Online Track Finding Algorithms at PANDA
  • Simone Esch: The Influence of Additional Semiconductor Discs on the Reconstruction of lambda lambdabar in the PANDA Experiment
  • Huagen Xu: Commissioning of the recoil detector for the day-one experiment at HESR with pbarp elastic scattering at COSY
  • Christoph Wendel: Aufbau eines Messtandes zur Vorkalibration der Detektormodule für die Vorwärtsendkappe des elektromagnetischen Kalorimeters des PANDA-Experimentes
  • Georg Urff: Testmessungen an Vakuumphototetroden für das elektromagnetische Kalorimeter des PANDA Experimentes an FAIR

Poster: (9)
  • Lu Cao: Simulations of the Measurement of the Form Factor for the Ds Semileptonic Decay with the PANDA Detector
  • Maria Carmen Mora Espi: Simulation and Analysis of the channel pbarp -> e+e-pi0 using the TDA production mechanism for its measurement with PANDA.
  • Roserio Valente: Technical Development of the Backward End-Cap (BWEC) for the PANDA Electromagnetic Calorimeter (EMC)
  • Stephan Leiber: The electronic readout of the PANDA Straw Tube Tracker
  • Martin J. Galusk: Implementation of Pattern Recognition for the PANDA Forward Tracking System
  • Marvin Krebs: Study of the PANDA barrel DIRC prototype timing resolution
  • Tommaso Quagli: Radiation hardness studies of epitaxial diodes for the PANDA Micro-Vertex-Detector
  • Christian Hammann: Die PANDA-Vorwärtsendkappe: Simulationen und deren Vergleich mit Prototyptestmessungen
  • Dariusch Deermann: Characterization of the PANDA MVD Trapezoidal Silicon Strip Sensors and the Development of their Readout System

Hadronenstruktur und –spektroskopie (9)
  • Andreas Pitka: D0-Dbar0-Mischung im Zerfall D0 -> Ks_pi+pi- bei PANDA
  • Donghee Kang: Online software trigger at PANDA/FAIR
  • Dmitry Khaneft: Feasibility study: proton time-like electromagnetic form factors with the PANDA experiment
  • Bertold Fröhlich: Feasibility Study of a Transversely Polarized Target in Panda
  • Manuel Zambrana: Accessing Transition Distribution Amplitudes with the PANDA experiment at FAIR
  • Alaa Dbeyssi: Feasibility studies of _pbarp -> e+e- for the measurement of proton form factors at PANDA
  • Iris Zimmermann: Machbarkeitsstudien zur Messung der zeitartigen, elektromagnetischen Formfaktoren des Protons in Reaktionen von Pbar p -> mu+mu- am PANDA-Experiment
  • Alicia Sanchez Lorente: Studying the potential of antihyperons in nuclei with antiprotons
  • Elisabetta Prencipe: Perspectives on Open Charm Physics with PANDA

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