Charmonium and Exotics Working Group Meeting

Date: April 11, 2014

Participants: Anastasia Karavdina, Bertram Kopf, Christof Motzko, Diego Bettoni, Dima Melnychuk, Frank Nerling, Klaus Peters, Klaus Goetzen, Martin Galuska, Matthias Steinke, Miriam Fritsch, Marc Pelizaeus, Stefano Spataro, Torsten Schroeder

At the beginning of the meeting Marc presented the information which should be collected for each analysis as imput for the scrutiniy group report. This and other information relevant for an analysis will be collected in the PANDA wiki. A wiki page will be set up for each analysis. A full document for each analysis should follow in the course of time and should be linked to this pages, too.

During the following discussion it was stressed out, that assumptions on cross sections have to be made, which are based on our best knowledge as of today. A reasonable value for charmonium formation above the D Dbar threshold is 1 nb.

The general procedure for all simulations is to start with the analysis of signal and background events for the full detector setup and full luminosity. An appropriate figure of merit for the individual benchmark channel has to be defined by the corresponding analysts. If the the analysis is seddled for the full setup, conclusions can be made for the reduced luminosity scenarios. Afterwards simulations should be performed to identify the detector components which are mandatory for the particular benchmark channel. This information is needed very urgently. In the third step one could study the effect of reducing the performance of subdectors. The group finds it usefull if the Scrutiny Group will provide some scenarios/guidiance for this step.

For efficient work it is mandatory to regulary discuss the analyses with the working goup.

At the end of the meeting the status of the benchmark analyses was summarized. All analysts have started to get familar with the fast simulation software and started to setup their selection with signal MC events. Problems with the kinematic fitter have been identified and reported to the computing group [problems fixed meanwhile].

Because of the Easter Holidays, a doodle poll will be statrted to find an alternative time for the next meeting. It should be May 2, by latest.

Material for discussion:

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