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Klaus Peters, GSI


Klaus Götzen, Frankfurt

Analysis Details

  • Exclusive reconstrucion of the decay pbar p -> ΦΦ -> 4 K
  • cross section of non-resonant channel around 3-4 μb in ROI
  • separation of resonant ΦΦ on top of non-resonant only possible with PWA (not in scope for physics booklet)

  • Target of physics booklet analysis
    • reconstruct exclusive channel
    • determine efficiency dependent of decay angles of Φ and pbar p-System and proof, that there are no acceptance holes for a later PWA analysis
    • assume particular signal cross section
    • determine, how much data taking needed to measure ξ(2230) with 10 σ significance

Decay Modes

Φ -> K+ K-

Φ -> KS0 KL0 (later)

Background Channels

  • DPM events (most likely not very relevant)
  • most background will be non-resonant ΦΦ. Since the signal is also produced non-resonant, no production needed



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AnalysisNote_pp_phiphi.pdfpdf AnalysisNote_pp_phiphi.pdf manage 706 K 2008-09-19 - 18:00 KlausGoetzen Note on Phi Phi Analysis
KG13-070702_GoetzenDubna.pdfpdf KG13-070702_GoetzenDubna.pdf manage 535 K 2007-09-21 - 16:04 BertramKopf PANDA Collaboration Meeting, Dubna (04.07.2007)
ppbar_2phi_2150.decdec ppbar_2phi_2150.dec manage 230 bytes 2008-01-30 - 14:40 KlausGoetzen decay file 2.150 GeV
ppbar_2phi_2230.decdec ppbar_2phi_2230.dec manage 230 bytes 2008-01-30 - 14:41 KlausGoetzen decay file 2.230 GeV
ppbar_2phi_2330.decdec ppbar_2phi_2330.dec manage 230 bytes 2008-01-30 - 14:41 KlausGoetzen decay file 2.330 GeV
ppbar_2phi_2430.decdec ppbar_2phi_2430.dec manage 230 bytes 2008-01-30 - 14:41 KlausGoetzen decay file 2.430 GeV
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