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I have received the following message on 1/4/2011 from Wes Craddock <>

Dear Michael and Inti,

Here is the information that you requested on the BaBar solenoid to iron support.  I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, 
but I had quite a bit going on.  Enclosed are photographs showing the connections to iron.

The BaBar solenoid is constrained radially by adjustable wedge shims located at the one o'clock, five o'clock, seven o'clock, 
and eleven o'clock positions both forward and backward.  All the weight is taken by the bottom four pads. The rest are 
tightened to counter radial decentering forces.  Axially, the magnet is constrained at the same locations by adjusting pads 
between the magnet and stainless steel arms extending radially from the flux return upper and lower corner blocks. I believe 
that you can see one of these in one of the pictures.  The axial pads are simple threaded rods with pads at both ends.  They 
act in compression.  You will also see large axial bolts.  I have no idea why they were put in.  As far as I can tell, they 
serve no purpose whatsoever.

If you have more questions, just email or call me.


Wes Craddock
(650) 926-2264


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You are on: PANDA > Wiki > Magnet > BaBarSupport

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