Tracking simulations

12 July 2009

Files "tst_sizeStudy_pions..." contain x-y intensity distributions of pions at the z-positions of the last double layer of each tracking station DC1,..,6 (z= 3125 mm, 3445 mm, 4245 mm, 4685 mm, 6225 mm, 7675 mm). The distributions were obtained by Ola Wronska in MC simulations of pion tracks with monoenergetic pions generated uniformly in the phi and theta angle at the target point and passing through the area x=+-551 mm, y=+-273 mm at z=3125 mm corresponding to the nominal angular acceptance of the Forward Spectrometer (+-10 deg. horizontally and +-5 deg. vertically). The energy losses as well as multiple scattering on the beam pipe and the detector structures was included. The simulations were performed for the magnetic field in the PANDA solenoid equal to 2 T and for two settings of the dipole magnet corresponding to the beam momentum equal to 7.8 GeV/c and 15 GeV/c. For each beam momentum setting, intensity distributions of pions with momenta equal to 2%, 5%, 8%, 10%, 20%, 50% and 70% of the beam momentum were determined.
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tst_sizeStudy_pions10perc_Bfor15.gifgif tst_sizeStudy_pions10perc_Bfor15.gif manage 37 K 2009-07-12 - 19:26 JerzySmyrski x-y distribution of p=1.5 GeV/c pions, p_beam=15 GeV/c (p/p_beam=10%)
tst_sizeStudy_pions10perc_Bfor7_8.gifgif tst_sizeStudy_pions10perc_Bfor7_8.gif manage 36 K 2009-07-12 - 19:17 JerzySmyrski x-y distribution of p=0.78 GeV/c pions, p_beam=7.8 GeV/c (p/p_beam=10%)
tst_sizeStudy_pions20perc_Bfor15.gifgif tst_sizeStudy_pions20perc_Bfor15.gif manage 38 K 2009-07-12 - 19:27 JerzySmyrski x-y distribution of p=3.0 GeV/c pions, p_beam=15 GeV/c (p/p_beam=20%)
tst_sizeStudy_pions20perc_Bfor7_8.gifgif tst_sizeStudy_pions20perc_Bfor7_8.gif manage 38 K 2009-07-12 - 19:20 JerzySmyrski x-y distribution of p=1.56 GeV/c pions, p_beam=7.8 GeV/c (p/p_beam=20%)
tst_sizeStudy_pions2perc_Bfor15.gifgif tst_sizeStudy_pions2perc_Bfor15.gif manage 29 K 2009-07-12 - 19:23 JerzySmyrski x-y distribution of p=0.3 GeV/c pions, p_beam=15 GeV/c (p/p_beam=2%)
tst_sizeStudy_pions2perc_Bfor7_8.gifgif tst_sizeStudy_pions2perc_Bfor7_8.gif manage 29 K 2009-07-12 - 17:38 JerzySmyrski x-y distribution of p=0.156 GeV/c pions, p_beam = 7.8 GeV/c (p/p_beam=2%)
tst_sizeStudy_pions50perc_Bfor15.gifgif tst_sizeStudy_pions50perc_Bfor15.gif manage 40 K 2009-07-12 - 19:28 JerzySmyrski x-y distribution of p=7.5 GeV/c pions, p_beam=15 GeV/c (p/p_beam=50%)
tst_sizeStudy_pions50perc_Bfor7_8.gifgif tst_sizeStudy_pions50perc_Bfor7_8.gif manage 39 K 2009-07-12 - 19:21 JerzySmyrski x-y distribution of p=3.9 GeV/c pions, p_beam=7.8 GeV/c (p/p_beam=50%)
tst_sizeStudy_pions5perc_Bfor15.gifgif tst_sizeStudy_pions5perc_Bfor15.gif manage 34 K 2009-07-12 - 19:24 JerzySmyrski x-y distribution of p=0.75 GeV/c pions, p_beam=15 GeV/c (p/p_beam=5%)
tst_sizeStudy_pions5perc_Bfor7_8.gifgif tst_sizeStudy_pions5perc_Bfor7_8.gif manage 32 K 2009-07-12 - 17:49 JerzySmyrski x-y distribution of p=0.39 GeV/c pions, p_beam=7.8 GeV/c (p/p_beam= 5%)
tst_sizeStudy_pions70perc_Bfor15.gifgif tst_sizeStudy_pions70perc_Bfor15.gif manage 40 K 2009-07-12 - 19:28 JerzySmyrski x-y distribution of p=10.5 GeV/c pions, p_beam=15 GeV/c (p/p_beam=70%)
tst_sizeStudy_pions70perc_Bfor7_8.gifgif tst_sizeStudy_pions70perc_Bfor7_8.gif manage 39 K 2009-07-12 - 19:22 JerzySmyrski x-y distribution of p=5.46 GeV/c pions, p_beam=7.8 GeV/c (p/p_beam=70%)
tst_sizeStudy_pions8perc_Bfor15.gifgif tst_sizeStudy_pions8perc_Bfor15.gif manage 36 K 2009-07-12 - 19:25 JerzySmyrski x-y distribution of p=1.2 GeV/c pions, p_beam=15 GeV/c (p/p_beam=8%)
tst_sizeStudy_pions8perc_Bfor7_8.gifgif tst_sizeStudy_pions8perc_Bfor7_8.gif manage 36 K 2009-07-12 - 19:15 JerzySmyrski x-y distribution of p=0.624 GeV/c pions, p_beam=7.8 GeV/c (p/p_beam=8%)
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