Minutes of the Forward Endcap EMC Meeting, 15th of April 2024, 14:00 - 15:15

Preparation of Moving FWEC to Bonn:

  • A removal of the radiation protection wall surrounding the TOF hall might be possible (Fritz-Herbert talked to Ralf Gebel about that). However, we agreed that a removal would only minimal improve the procedure of getting the detector out of the hall and onto the truck. Given that a timeline for a possible removal is fully unclear we decided not to ask for it but stay with the procedure developed in the past weeks
  • For rack space planning in Bonn 3 Us should be reserved for the light pulser reference system. By doing so we still have about 13 Us spare.
  • The pedestal mounted to the Dalmec manipulator arm weighs 300 kg
  • Manual of the manipulator arm is still missing (maybe Malte knows about it?)
  • Something to remember when preparing the FWEC for transport: The brass feet need to be fully srewed in before securing the FWEC to the transport frame
  • We decided to mount an 'inner wooden shield' to front and back lid and let the detector prepared that way box by the transport company
  • Wood we need should be purchased locally at the Juelich hardware stores and trimmed by us using a jigsaw
  • Removal of the cooling lines/chiller is foreseen for next week (Claudius, Tom)
  • Malte and Fabian will prepare 8 commercial high precision PT sensors connected to THMP compatible cables to be sent to Bonn plus one newly calibrated THMP (somewhat later)
  • How many submodules would need a T-sensor recalibration?
  • Light fibres: We need to think of a mounting/suspension plan when fully equipping the FWEC with all submodules in order to not end up with a fibre spaghetti mess
  • An additional fibre connection inside the detector that would drastically improve the mounting is no option and was intentionally omitted as a source of instability (experience from BaBar light pulser system)
  • The number/ratio of finished fibre bundles needs to be looked up but should be high (Swetlana is preparing them since about a year)

-- ThomasHeld - 2024-04-18
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