Minutes of the Forward Endcap EMC Meeting, 27th of November 2023, 14:00 - 14:35


  • Coolant tank for full PANDA target EMC too big to store at ELSA, need to restrict to a smaller vessel (about 300 l of coolant?)
  • Besides the ~150 l of coolant needed in the Juelich setup there would be needed more for piping as the FWEC in Bonn needs to be movable by 3 m, requiring additional flexible cooling lines
  • About 360 crystals needed to fill the PANDA beampipe hole in the middle of the forward endcap
  • 350 forward endcap shaped crystals still in Giessen (not meeting PANDA radiation hardness demands but suitable to work in Crystal Barrel environment), 120 in Bochum (plus 32 equipped with VPTTs)
  • Necessary APD preamps need to be manufactured, is there still personnel in Basel able to work on that (or at least supply necessary files?). Will contact Werner Erni, Michael Steinacher, Irakli Keshelashvily.
  • Availability of necessary input-stage JFETs may be critical. Mario once ordered a number of equivalent spares but availablity today unclear.
  • Manufacturing of inserts and mountplates for new submodules "easy" as they were once produced in Bonn anyway
  • Carbon fibre alveoles: Fibre Works still existing, able to produce new ones?
  • FWEC hole to be filled by extra backplate with its own cooling, suspension via 16-crystal subunits instead of the 8-crystal ones sitting at the edges of the hole connecting 'regular' and 'extra' backplates
  • On-site meeting at ELSA hall to discuss things (Fritz-Herbert, Claudius, Sebastian, Tom)
  • Any demands for pick-up of stuff in Juelich to bring back to BO, BN? Will be at COSY with Lumi people sometime in Dec./Jan.
  • As Bonn people now work on FWEC redesign for Crystal Barrel usage: Is there a possibility for them to access the BO repository (Christian will contact Claudius directly)

Upcoming Meetings:

  • We plan for an in-person EMC meeting in Bochum (Feb. 6th/7th?)
  • March PANDA meeting in Muester 4-5 days, all talks plenary but probably more EMC slots than in November

-- ThomasHeld - 2023-11-27
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