Minutes of the Forward Endcap EMC Meeting, 23rd of October 2023, 14:00 - 14:15

Beam Time Data Analysis:

  • It seems that in 75% of all events the 'maximum' feature does not exist (reason unclear yet), the 'integral' feature however is there for all events (Celina)
  • Time calibration has been refined as mentioned in the meeting 2 weeks ago, works perfectly now (Celina)
  • PandaROOT installation in Bochum tricky (no binary available for the OS used here), takes time... (Lukas)
  • There seems to be a systematic delay in the ADC-to-FPGA-transmission (Oliver, DAQ meeting) of 12.5 to 30 ns depending on ADC position on PCB
    • Unclear whether hardware or firmware related, need to check if our Juelich setup shows the same effect
  • Four dead channels in the Forward Endcap COSY beam time setup. Not yet clear where the signals die (connection issue or real dead at the very front) (Celina)
    • Need to clarify on the detector in Juelich

-- ThomasHeld - 2023-10-30
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