Minutes of the Forward Endcap EMC Meeting, 2nd of October 2023, 14:00 - 14:50

Forward Endcap Dismount Issues:

  • Next meeting at COSY in week from October 16th on. Florian will be there with van, may take some stuff from us (tools, spare insulation material) back to Bochum
  • Also need to check on the 'delayed light pulser problem' that week
  • All Forward Endcap related hardware will directly go to Bonn and not back to Bochum first
  • No dismount of submodules foressen if not absolutelt necessary. Unclear is the procedure of movinf the FWEC from the transport frame to a Bonn-related frame
  • Jost/Stefan may help in considering a suitable tool/procedure
  • Two Bonn scenarios currently under discussion: Errection/finishing of FWEC in FTD hall or directly at ELSA/Crystal Barrel.
  • Contact problems with Samtec-connectors - demonstration to Samtec people either in Bonn (currently two cables only) or in Juelich (need to remove back lid)

SADCs/Data Concentrator:

  • Pawel needs one backplane PCB back in Uppsala in order to test crate controller
  • Data concentrator: waited 4 months for PCBs (4 of 10) - impedance problems with high speed lines
  • SemiCon will assemble the PCBs, need to use timeslots in between 'bulkier' orders...
  • 7 data conecentrators will be equipped with new FPGAs, 3 with recuperated ones
-- ThomasHeld - 2023-10-02
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