Minutes of the forward endcap EMC meeting, 17th of July 2023, 14:00 - 14:45

Upcoming COSY beamtime (August 7th-14th):

  • We will have beam from Monday, 7th, 8 am on until Monday 14th, 8am
  • We will be able to work in the TOF area the two week before our beam time 24/7 while HBS is doing measurements in the Big Karl arae
  • Accessible from outside during beam: T-settings (desired detector temperature, chiller), tube heaters
  • Preparation plan before beamtime:
    • 1 h of fully open valves, then setting of flows in subcircuits
    • Light pulser tests
    • Baseline recordings
    • Synchornisation of light pulsers (TTL -> LVDS conversion)
    • Lukas' DAQ: Timestamp minimum frequency: 128 Hz
  • Short view into SADC data (Christoph, Lukas): okay
    • VPTTs look good
    • APD thesholds too high (cutting cosmics peak)

-- ThomasHeld - 2023-08-28
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