Minutes of the forward endcap EMC meeting, 23rd of January 2023, 14:00-15:00

Application for Beam Time at COSY:

  • Application done (focus on VPTT submodule only equipped forward endcap)
  • Target: 1 week of beamtime in July (3 days of beam plus one week off beam before), 1 week in Spetember
  • CANU meeting w/ presentations by applicants on February 23

Discussion on Things to be Done for FWEC Errection in Juelich and COSY Beamtime:

  • Slow Control (Tobias T. plus support)
  • THMPs (calibrated? DB entries to be done, Fabian)
  • Mobile test stand: Laptop etc. (Christopher, Niklas)
  • Order of mounting and alternative orders in case of necessary submodule repair during mounting
  • Cables/PCBs readiness Bonn (okay)
  • DAQ: "half" data conectrator ready (Pawel), frimware development (Pawel, Greg), DAQ software (Lukas, Orestis)

APD Screening:

  • Lost boxes found, going to ittadiated as usual then send to Bochum for screening
  • Markus will leave PANDA/Uni Giessen for Deutscher Wetterdienst
-- ThomasHeld - 2023-01-30
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