Minutes of the Forward Endcap EMC Big Blue Button Meeting, 13th of June 2022, 14:00-14:20

Free Space for Submodules:

  • Comparison of space in cold volume for submodules (measurement taken on detector closed with front lid incl. front cooling lines vs. CAD drawing) revealed some mm extra space
  • Origin of extra space (difference reality vs. drawing) not yet clear. Additional distance (5 +/- 1) mm
  • Additional submodule dimension (compared to CAD): 2 mm
  • So in total 2 mm extra space can be expected
  • This is a convenient safety margin for mounting. However, origin of extra space needs to be found. What does this mean for the overall dimension of the forward endcap and its distance to the Disk DIRC?

Delivery of Further Submodules:

  • 10 more submodules waiting to be shipped
  • Bonn is running out of submodules soon, so next delivery should be soon as well (Claudius)
  • Christoph needs to get some more broken T-sensors in order to fix connectors damaged on some of the submodules (Fabian)

-- ThomasHeld - 13 Jun 2022
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