Minutes of the Forward Endcap EMC Big Blue Button Meeting, 4th of April 2022, 14:00-15:15

Cosmics Test Stand Bonn:

  • Air Conditioning not working in lab, therefore currently no submodule cosmics tests possible

Preamp Ringing:

  • The slight ringing in the falling edge of the preamp output signals seems to be a trade-off residual between the balancing of 'fast' response and ringing-proneness (M. Steinacher)
  • As almost all preamps are produced, mounted, compound sealed there is no chance to modify them. We need to deal with the pulse shape as it is now.

SADC Crate:

  • There seems to be SADC crosstalk originating from the SADC backplane PCB (Question to Pawel)

-- ThomasHeld - 29 Apr 2022
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