Minutes of the Forward Endcap EMC Big Blue Button Meeting, 21st of February 2022, 14:00-14:50

FWEC Cabling:

  • On their visit to Bochum Christian, Christoph, and Vinee noticed a potential problem when routing cables through the slits in the electronics frame. There might be too few space or too difficult to access one when passing cables through the slits on top of the HV boards and underneath the copper LV connection blocks.
  • The Bonn backplate mockup will be extended to include 3D-printed electronics frame parts in order to test with real cables and fibres whether a proper routing as foreseen is feasible

Submodule Production:

  • The problem with the submodule with HV settings universally indicated too high by about 10 V is probably due to a mixup of production sheets in an early build stage. The mixup partner has been identified and the HV setting numbers of its datasheet fit quite good. This submodule however is not yet fully assembled, so the second test of checking this submodule with the HV settings from the other production datasheet still has to be carried out.
  • We decided to put the submodule originally indicating the problem not back into the test stand as it would block valuable measuring time better spend on the measurement of other submodules. (The submodule performed well on all channels with the HV settings reduced by 10 V each - which is close to the correct values anyway.)

Jülich Beamtime:

  • We discussed the benefit and additional measures to be taken when including a barrel slice to the Jülich beamtime setup.
  • As the slice(s) will be given to MAMI for beamtime the additional benefit vs. amount of work and/or potential additional problems during an already very limited beamtime seem to point to a setup without barrel slice
  • However, this still will all need to be discussed with the Giessen colleagues
  • A beam time request form for the March Cosy Beam Time Meeting will be prepared by Tom even though we plan to not have beam time this year

SADC Power Supplies:

  • Pawel is waiting for coil shields for the SADC power supplies
  • The power supply PCBs are already assembled

-- ThomasHeld - 22 Feb 2022
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