Minutes of the Forward Endcap EMC Big Blue Button Meeting, 13th of December 2021, 14:00-15:30

Preamp/Shaper Ringing:

  • Origin of observed ringing on sampled, shaped preamp-signals not yet clear
  • A similar ringing was observed in the Barrel/Backward endcap preamp circuits, caused by the type of APD coupling capacitor
  • Further potential cause: Termination on the SADC shaper input

Irradiation of HV regulator boards:

  • Christoph gave a detailed presentation about the last irradiation of HV regulation boards at Strahlenzentrum Gießen
  • Several versions of the regulation circuits have been tested and the full MOSFET equipped version preferred over the mixed BJT/MOSFET equipped one
  • That version's absolute value and predictability of drift are best suitable for our needs, moreover all components need for this version are available at HISKP
  • Ordering of the HV PCBs will start soon (32 channel version ready, 16 ch version to be finished), same for distributor boards (16 ch/8 ch)
  • Assembly of PCBs will be done at HISKP

-- ThomasHeld - 16 Dec 2021
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