Minutes of the Forward Endcap EMC Vibe/eZuce meeting, 15th of November 2021, 14:00-15:15

FWEC Construction:

  • In conjunction with the Bonn submodule dimension measurements Christian asked about deformation estimations of the forward endcap backplane, need to look up old plots from KVI
  • In order to check for collisions we will measure the free space inside the cold volume (backplane to front lid distance). There may or may not be need for a remachining of interface pieces of submodules sitting behind the front lid cooling lines.
  • For thermal expansion estimations the aluminum type of the backplane and stiffener ring has been looked up to be Al5083.

SADC Crate Power Supplies:

  • All SADC PCBs intended for cooling tests with the 3x15 SADC crate are fully inclosed in the respective aluminum cooling shells (with termal coupling pads in between)
  • Missing is still the backplane PCBs power supplies: Instead of going for a temporarily solution for the power tests (and maybe Juelich) Pawel spent time on the development of the final version
  • Delivery therefore is somewhat delayed but should be fine for the cooling tests carried out by Sven within his master thesis

-- ThomasHeld - 25 Nov 2021
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