Minutes of the Forward Endcap EMC Vibe/eZuce meeting, 7th of September 2020, 14:00-15:00


  • Bochum: Fritz-Herbert, Matthias, Malte, Miriam, Tobias H., Tobias T., Sebastian, Thorsten
  • Basel: -
  • Bonn: Christoph, Johannes
  • Groningen: -
  • Uppsala: Pawel
  • Giessen: Markus

Submodule Transportation (Christoph, Claudius, Malte)

  • Bonn has transportation tools ready. Bochum has 40 Boxes.
  • Bonn has a licensed driver for a truck. Are transportations covered by the insurance of RUB? Claudius will check.
  • Insurance covers transport Bochum-Bonn and Bonn-Jülich for up to 5 submodules. Bochum is waiting for new offer.
  • Next transport by Christoph (coordination with Claudius/Tom)
  • After each transportation to Bonn always 5 submodules will be transported to Jülich (check with Frank Goldenbaum concerning shipment receiving requirements).
  • Bonn has 54 Submodules ready once glueing is finished (starts now, maximum 2 per day).

Submodule Production (Claudius)

  • 10 submodules ready, 5 16-submodules glued this week

DC and Crate Controller (Pawel)

  • Delivery of data concentrator (DC) delayed to October
  • Crate controller design was part of just finished master thesis. Uses Microsemi chip (irradiation hard), tests of software to be done. Complications due to option of transferring the ADC data through the controller (MUX 3:1).
  • Question of bending of the fibres: Where to put connections to controller? Claudius and Pawel will check,
  • Cooling of controller: Put it on one power supply

SADC Crates (Malte)

  • Crate with cooling parts attached (for one SADC) assembled.
  • How to test? 2 temperature sensors are placed between the FPGAs and ADCs and can be read via the FPGA. It needs a firmware to read them (once done by Peter Schaukel, KVI, not ported to further designs). --> Ask Myroslav/Peter. Pawel will provide a test version. The T-sensors are not yet tested on the produced SADC.

-- FritzHerbertHeinsius - 07 Sep 2020
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