Minutes of the Forward Endcap EMC SADC Crate Design Vibe/eZuce meeting, 13th of July 2020, 14:00-15:00


  • Bochum: Matthias, Fritz-Herbert, Jan R.,Malte, Miriam, Tobias H., Tobias T., Sebastian, Thorsten,
  • Basel: -
  • Bonn: Johannes
  • Groningen: -
  • Uppsala: -
  • Giessen: Hans Georg, Markus

Submodule Test Bonn:

  • Cosmic test stand being brought in operation. Start measurements end of next week.
  • Bochum will check how to organise again regular transportation (how often?)


  • APD Irradiation is possible, ask Matthias.
  • APD transport/irradiation PCBs will be brought back to Giessen on Wednesday by Thorsten.

Update to the EMC TDR

  • Please start writing, in case of questions ask Fritz-Herbert, for technical things ask Tobias T.

-- FritzHerbertHeinsius - 13 Jul 2020
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