Minutes of the forward endcap EMC Vibe/eZuce meeting, 23rd of September 2019, 14:00-14:40


  • Basel: -
  • Bochum: Claudius, Jan R., Malte, Miriam, Matthias, Tobias H., Tom
  • Bonn: Christoph, Johannes
  • Groningen: -
  • Stockholm: -
  • Uppsala: -
  • Giessen: -
  • GSI: -


  • Analysis of noise introduction in APD channels via the annealing LEDs and their cablings still going on (Johannes)
  • Suggestions for climate chamber shielding (rubber sealing of door) as done in Bochum will be given (photos, shielding tape type)


  • Measurements (estimations) of the free space between front lid and backplane have been done by Clausius/Tobias and Tom, repsectively: 322-324 mm.
  • The routing of the front cooling line was choosen according to the maximum free space between front lid and submodules, a drawing will be given to Bonn (Christoph)


  • The situation of SADC redesign work at KVI is still unclear, no reply from Myroslav or Rick.
  • Maybe Ulrike is able to get an answer...

-- ThomasHeld - 15 Oct 2019
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