Minutes of the forward endcap EMC eZuce SRN meeting, 3rd of December 2018, 14:00-14:20


  • Basel: Bernd
  • Bochum: Fritz-Herbert, Cathrina, Claudius, Malte, Matthias, Tobias H., Tobias T., Tom
  • Bonn: Christoph, Ulrike
  • Groningen: Viktor
  • Stockholm: -
  • Uppsala: Pawel
  • Giessen: Markus
  • GSI: -

APD Submodule Production:

  • While visiting Bonn last week we determined the necessary cable lengths for the APD submodules and prepared a mockup in order to verify a proper cabling of the modules to the connector boards
  • As soon as we get the information concerning the cable lengths from Bonn we can prepare the LV and HV cables for the Stockholm cabling help (in the meantime the estimated lengths are confirmed to fit for all interface pieces)

APD Preamps:

  • Bernd reported of 800 more APD preamps tested and ready to be shipped
  • He will arrange direct shipment rather than transportation by shift people visiting Bonn

SADC Crates:

  • Pawel found a power supply he would like to use on the SADC crate backplanes
  • Irradiation tests at KVI need to be performed which might be still be done in 2018
  • The power supplies may be designed to power 3 or 6 SADCs each, so we need to see how many modules are needed (however, common denominator for the different crate sizes is 3...)

Preamp, Shaper Waveforms:

  • Viktor presented an analysis of the waveform samples of the final preamp and shaper versions sent by Matthias
  • A faulty shaper channel, non-restoring the baseline correctly showed up (need to be repaired)

APD Screening:

  • Markus reminded of a request to change the interface in order to select and manipulate groups of APDs and not need to do it for every single APD: Work is in progress
  • The new PCBs suspending 60 APDs each during transport, irradiation, and annealing will be available soon

-- ThomasHeld - 14 Dec 2018
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