Minutes of the forward endcap EMC eZuce SRN meeting, 28th of August 2017, 14:00-14:45


  • Basel: Werner
  • Bochum: Cathrina, Claudius, Malte, Matthias, Miriam, Tobias, Tom
  • Bonn: Christoph, Merlin
  • Groningen: Myroslav
  • Stockholm: -
  • Uppsala: -
  • Giessen: Markus
  • GSI: -


  • Natalie agreed to look for the preamp gain measurements done in Basel in order to compare with Maltes test measurements on 14 pieces
  • However, Werner pointed out that some measurements may be flawed by bad contacts to the test station. Must be confirmed by checking the measurement results.
  • We therefore foresee to individually measure all preamp gains in a dedicated test stand at Bochum

Cosmics precalibration setup:

  • Merlin presented an estimation of the accuracy of the precalibration measurements in the cosmics test stands which comes out to about 2 %
  • This value presently goes up to 6.5 % if measurements of the same submodule are done in different stations of the test stand
  • Reasons for this increase are currently under investigation

Assignment algorythm software:

  • Matthias stressed that the sorting software from Bonn that assigns crystals to photo tubes and preamps should by made accessible to the collaboration by putting it to the PANDA GitLab
  • As soon as we have detailed preamp gain data the assignment has to be redone
  • There should also be the possibility to consider ready crystal-VPTT-preamp units (the ones already built) in the process

Irradiation of THMP and Light Pulser Units:

  • Myroslav sent back the irradiated parts and they obviously still work as proper as at the end of the irradiation beam time
  • Further studies on any deterioration of components go on

APD Irradiation:

  • Giessen expects new APD grids from PSL/GSI for irradiation this week
  • Andreas demand for strip chart monitoring of the APD dark currents not understandable against the background of agreement on irradiation of APDs with no bias supplied to
-- ThomasHeld - 28 Aug 2017
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