Minutes of the forward endcap EMC eZuce SRN meeting, 317th of July 2017, 14:00-14:30


  • Basel: excused
  • Bochum: Cathrina, Malte, Miriam, Tobias T.,Tom
  • Bonn: Christoph, Merlin, Ulrike
  • Groningen: Myroslav
  • Stockholm: -
  • Uppsala: -
  • Giessen: -
  • GSI: -

Production Readiness Review:

  • Outcome of the PRR last Friday was the suggestion to on with the current VPTT submodule production, a report note of the PRR will follow
  • Name change as suggested by the reviewers: A subunit should be called a submodule from now on as it is not a substructure of a unit (abbreviation of crystal-photo detector-unit)

Test Stand Results:

  • For a better comparability of results the VPTT test stands in Bonn and Bochum should be adjusted to a standardized HV of 950 V
  • The variation of preamp gain is expected to be small as reported by Werner via Email, however we should (and will) check a couple of preamps for any spread in gain

-- ThomasHeld - 18 Jul 2017
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