Minutes of the forward endcap EMC eZuce SRN meeting, 17th of February 2017, 14:00-15:15


  • Basel: Werner
  • Bochum: Cathrina, Claudius, Matthias, Malte, Miriam, Tom, Tobias T.
  • Bonn: Christoph and more...
  • Groningen: Myroslav
  • Stochholm: -
  • Uppsala: -
  • Giessen: Hans and more...
  • GSI: -

Patch Panel Board (aka Schmidt Board):

  • Connector for I2C bus chosen: "telecommunications type"
  • Main I2C dissipation power source: termination resisitors
  • Problem: LV connection - no feasible connector found (size), idea of breakout boards for LV distribution
  • LP cabling: rad hardness, halogen free, shielding(?)
  • Skip shielding of LV inside forward endcap in order to gain space and number of suitable cable types?
  • We will meet with some people from Bonn and Bochum to discuss those cabling issues in detail apart from forward endcap meeting

Serial Adapter Chips (GSI):

  • Chips delivery expected end of next week
  • Bonding to be done in Bonn (PI/Dietsche)

ADC Cooling Crates:

  • Design ready (Myroslav)
  • Awaiting finished backplane design (Pawel)

Shaping Time/Pile-Up Recovery Studies (Malte):

  • "Small" pulses (from cosmics in horizontally suspended crystal) recorded for waveform check:
    • Two groups of pulse shapes:
      • Shape like the one of 'large' pulses
      • Shape showing a slower compont 'on top' of steep rise
  • Not seen with large pulses (as coming from cosmics in vertically suspended crystals), however, not explicitly looked for...
  • Origin not clear: hum, Cherenkov light, hadronic showers?
  • Fraction of about 10 percent of pulses recorded
  • Repeat measurement with 2nd crystal and/or plastics in coincidence
  • Plot pulse height histos for both pulse shape groups

-- ThomasHeld - 17 Feb 2017
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