Minutes of the forward endcap EMC SeeVogh meeting, 18th of January 2016, 14:00-15:00


  • Basel: Werner
  • Bochum: Claudius, Fritz-Herbert, Malte, Matthias, Miriam, Stephan, Tom
  • Bonn: Christoph, Ulrike
  • Groningen: Myroslav
  • Stockholm: -
  • Uppsala: Pawel
  • GSI: -

Preparartion of 'Bonn subunit':

  • 7 days of glue curing almost done, units now ready to build complete subunit
  • Transportation to Bonn next week? (Remark from Jan 26: subunit completed but needs to be tested first, shipping delayed by one week)
  • Transport by Werner Meyer (Foreseen Jan 26, new date: Feb 4)

Bonn mechanics:

  • Manufacturing of all interface pieces finished (including 8 crystal units)

Readout system readiness:

  • Proto 120 beamtime not successful at all (from readout point of view)
    • There has been a compute note bug that prevented any event selection
    • There is an Apfel ASIC readout test (cosmics. light pulser) planned in Giessen (beginning of February)
  • Availability of digitizer boards? There are boards in Mainz, Giessen, Groningen and Uppsala (going to Stockholm soon, has 'old' ADC now)
    • Markus (Stockholm) will work on analog filtering for forward endcap readout
    • (BTW: Stockholm group should be asked (again) to attend these biweekly meetings)
  • For the forward endcap construction we need a readout system now that gives full TDR performance (even though it may change in detail in the future, especially with respect to better performance, no high low gain splitting anymore etc.)
    • Best performance so far was achieved with an analog diffentiator shaping stage before and a digital signal integration after AD conversion
    • Pawel will prepare for Bochum an ADC board version allowing to compare different approaches
      • With 4 channels of each option equipped the same: half analog/digital shaping, full digital shaping, different shaping options.
      • All channels for single ended 50 Ohm termination, splitter on the ADC into high and low gain.
    • Myroslav will contact GSI people to borrow a TRB (done, its possible to buy a TRB)

Cooling lines (distributor 'bones'):

  • KVI may be able to build the missing stainless steel 'bones' that distribute/collect the cooling fluid to/from the backplate

-- ThomasHeld - 25 Jan 2016
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