Minutes of the forward endcap EMC SeeVogh meeting, 26th of October 2015, 14:00-15:50


  • Basel: excused
  • Bochum: Claudius, Fritz-Herbert, Miriam, Patrick, Tobias H., Tobias T., Tom, Matthias, Stephan
  • Bonn: Christoph, Ulrike
  • Groningen: Myroslav
  • Uppsala: -
  • Stockholm: -
  • GSI: -

New subunits assembly:

  • Natalie sent 16 VPTT preamps to Bochum (they arrived on Tuesday after the meeting!)
  • With the preamps we now have all parts to build a new VPTT subunit, except for the crystal cover shrinking tube we want to try
  • Ulrike expressed her concerns about additional layers in the crystal surroundings with respect to possible shifts of crystal positions relative to the alveole in z-direction and hence an increase in subunit z-dimension
  • We share those concerns as it would be a modification of the basic subunit construction
  • However, we would like to try shrinking foils with wall thickness of half the thickness or less of a T-sensor (150 um) for single crystals, maybe shrinking foils with larger diameter for subgroups of four crystals each
  • Myroslav recommended to check and test that the thermal extensions of shrinking foil and crystal do not cause stress to the crystal
  • Bonn would like to get a fully equipped subunit for further tests on their setups: We agreed to send the latest VPTT unit currently in Bochum to Bonn (transportation may to be arranged with Werner Meyer)
  • We now (Tuesday after the meeting) noticed that the crystals in this subunit have to be covered by reflective foil again as they were stripped for tests in the past, so we cannot ship immediately!


  • Myroslav presented an aluminum tube from the type we use for the endcap side cooling (from ISA car racing supplier).
  • The tube was finally damaged while trying to push a quite narrow bent curve into the corresponding ADC crate wall structure
  • In order to prevent the need of hammering the tube into the crate walls, a new method will be tried: Milling out the bent tube shape in two aluminum ADC crate side wall parts and enclose the tube between them (sandwich, tightened by screws)
  • There are two SADCs currently at KVI. Last bugs in the read out are being removed. Two more SADCs are expected to be sent by Uppsala soon (Pawel is currently busy with other things).
  • There is some work to be done as for the Mainz beamtime it is now intended to extract not only hits but also waveforms.
  • Originally waveforms have been written for diagnostics only. Now there is the need to time-order them.
  • Due to teaching duties, the envisaged workshop in November at Giessen is degraded to 'just' an introduction to the Proto120 people as preparation for the MAMI beamtime.
  • There will be an overview talk by Myroslav in the EMC session on the upcoming Vienna meeting instead.
  • A 'real' workshop will be made up in January.

-- ThomasHeld - 27 Oct 2015
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